Welcome to the Cloud

Fully customized cloud solutions designed just for your practice or business

Storage and backup in the cloud

No matter what EMR you’re using (and even if you aren’t using one yet), using the cloud is the most cost-efficient, effective and secure way to store and manage your data.

The CloudWiz cloud is located in Canada, with 24/7/365 monitoring and management. It’s fully HIPAA and PHIPA compliant, and is fully EMR-agnostic.

Automated backups ensure that your data is safe, restorable – and less susceptible to human error.

Data is fully encrypted
You control the data at all times
The cloud is flexible and scalable, virtually instantly
We can provide a customized usage and storage plan that works best for your business or practice
Our long-standing relationships with the data centre/cloud provider means we’re first in line if there are ever any problems

Computing in the cloud (IaaS)

If your practice has more than one location, or if practice owners or managers are frequently off-site, it may be time to move to IaaS (infrastructure as a service) or computing ‘in the cloud’.

What’s IaaS?

It just means that instead of your day-to-day software programs being hosted on your desktop or local network, they’re hosted online – meaning they’re accessible anywhere and any time by users.

Work is automatically saved, it’s easier to share documents with co-workers, and it means no one ever has to say “Oh shoot – I left it on my laptop at home!

Talk to us about how computing in the cloud can make your business work better.