Solutions Sized for You

Technology should work for you. Not the other way around.

Our focus on SMB solutions is simple: We help our clients address their unique challenges – especially around multiple locations, remote users, a wide variety of technology and devices, and limited budgets – to help them do business better and put more money on the bottom line.

We’re not just ‘suppliers’. We’re technology partners.

A combined 30+ years of experience in IT for SMBs, including:

• Network infrastructure design and implementation
• Domain and network administration
• VOIP configuration and support
• Deployment and management of PBXs
• Cloud backup and restoration
• Technical security design, implementation, monitoring and restoration
• Hardware specifications, vendor selection and project management

Transparent Billing
Hands-on services
Great relationships



We know that industry, trade and not-for-profit associations have specific requirements: Budgets are tight, accountability is key, and it can be challenging to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied.

Our Association clients tell us that they choose CloudWiz for their networking, VOIP and hardware because:

• Our hands-on, straightforward approach means they get more steak and less sizzle
• Our transparent billing and reporting, especially when it comes to hardware purchases, makes it easy to understand and get buy-in from Boards of Directors
• Our size and local presence means we’re able to be more responsive
• We have a history of long-term relationship-building which ensures consistency and trust