Smarter Network Design and Installation

We’ll connect your offices and users – wherever they are.
Network design done better

The key to ensuring your day-to-day business is as productive and seamless as possible is designing a network that fits your business. Whether you have a single location or multiple offices and lots of remote users, we’ll come up with a plan that makes sense.

Network installation done right

Everyone at CloudWiz is an experienced network engineer, with years of experience and up-to-date certifications in everything from Windows servers to Cisco hardware to VOIP infrastructure. So we’ll ensure your network is set up correctly, efficiently, and with as little downtime as possible.

Network support you’ll like

We know: No one likes to have to ‘call support’, especially when something’s gone wrong. Our proactive support plans will help ensure you don’t have to call us – but that if you do, you’ll actually enjoy the experience.


Network services

• Wireless LAN
• Office network setup
• Networking multiple locations/clinics
• Relocation
• Firewall and VPN installation
• Secure internet and email access
• Cloud connectivity
• Maintenance and upgrades

Network security

Security breaches are bad for any business. They’re particularly disastrous for medical and dental practices, or for any business that uses, stores or transmits confidential information. We’ll ensure your network is secure, from firewall and VPNs to PBXes and email.

Integration with your current software & system

We know you may have enterprise or practice-based software or systems that need to be accommodated. Don’t worry – chances are, we’ve worked with your software before, and know how to ensure integration is efficient, painless and maintains data integrity.