Your business can do more with VOIP

Moving your practice or business to VOIP (voice-over-IP) telephony almost always means you’ll get more phone lines, more long-distance, and more phone numbers than traditional landlines. Clients call us because they know we’ll design the right solution – including the right hardware – for their business.

Medical/Dental practices

We’ll ensure your practice can handle super-high call volumes at peak times, without dropping calls or losing messages.

We can also provide you with direct-to-email voice messaging to help your office staff process voicemail faster.

And it’s easy to add extra phone numbers designated for pharmacies, other offices, or suppliers.

Multiple locations. One phone system

Our VOIP services can seamlessly connect multiple office locations across Toronto, the GTA, or even across Canada.

Features like a single main phone number that can be answered at any location or extensions that ring employees’ home offices – you’ll be surprised what a VOIP system can do.

Fully customized

Every business is different: Some need lots of phone lines; others need high-end hardware; others need to connect employees who normally work on the road or from home offices.

That’s why none of our solutions are pre-packaged: Our goal is to give clients the right solution for their business – and their bottom line.

Intergration with your current system

You’ve already got hardware or phone system you’re stuck with? Don’t worry – we can often integrate with what you have, or provide a roadmap to migration.

You’ll save money. The question is just how much.

All our clients say we’ve helped them cut their telephony bills while giving them more features. Typically, you can expect to save about 30-65% over their current phone bill – but every client is different. We’d be happy to give you a free audit to see where you could be putting more money on your bottom line.